My Biggest Dream to be an Inventor

My Biggest Dream to be an Inventor

-By Aditya 4th Grader Neerja Modi  (Jaipur)

One day while playing football at my friend’s house my friend suddenly fell down and got hurt. On inquiring what had happened, he narrated all his previous incidents when he got hurt while playing. While sympathizing with him I got a brilliant idea of inventing something that would protect him. Just like my dad, I too wanted to be an inventor now.

Next day I told my father about the incident and insisted that even I wanted to be an inventor justlike him and help people. My father was excited about the thought and gifted me a laboratory on my birthday and even taught me how to invent things.

From then on I started working on making a safety umbrella for my friend. After 2 weeks the gadget was ready to be tested. On testing the safety umbrella it started causing some destructions which took another week for me to rectify.

For next 20 years I kept inventing new things and helping people. Until one day when I told my dad that I no longer wanted to invent and instead wanted to be a detective. Then began my challenging journey of being a detective.

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