Race across India

Race Across India

-By Priyansh Lodha 4th Grader S.M.S Jaipur

There was a cyclist named Aditya Clarke. His biggest dream was to win the race across India. He was from the Sharks team.The race track was 3150 miles long. Last year he had participated in three races but never won any. Race was scheduled on 26th February which was coincidentally his birthday too. He was soon to be 24 years old. The race was going to start in the snow state of Kashmir and end at Kanyakumari. His friend Devyansh was also participating from the Sharks team.

All the participants had arrived for the race and the teams were N.M.C, Sharks, Stars and BSA Champs.

N.M.C team was at the first position and Sharks was second.

It was the second day and Devyansh was cycling for the Sharks team but they were still at second position.

Sharks was 60 miles away from the finish line but N.M.C were just 20 miles away from the finish line. Now Sharks needed to cycle on the hill and Aditya was at 80 kmph speed.

Just before the finish line when Aditya was at the top of the hill, taking advantage of his speed he jumped straight across the finish line winning the race and making it a memorable moment of his life.

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