The Panda and his new Friends

The Panda and his new friends..

-By Aahana Kothari 3rd Grader(step by Step Int.School Jaipur)

One day a boy named Brandon and his friend Lily were getting bored at home and they decided to visit the zoo.

In the zoo there were many animals, but all their attention was drawn towards the baby Panda. They touched the baby Panda and fed him a lot of food.

Now the kids started visiting the zoo more often to meet their new friend. Until one day, when they came to the zoo but could not see the Panda.

When they could not find the Panda in the Zoo for next two days, the curious children went searching for him in the nearby jungle. There they saw the baby Panda near some bamboo trees. They were excited to see him and took him to their home. They all used to play a lot and lived together happily ever after.

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