The Peacock’s Secret

Once upon a time long, long ago there was a peacock. He was an ordinary bird with only two colours black and white.  With his huge size, he could fly very low. Other birds that soared high in the sky made fun of him.

The peacock opted to stay in a dense jungle preferring his own company. At times, he felt lonely. If only I had a friend he thought; life would be so different. He would often fly near the riverside to admire the colourful flowers.

One day near the river he noticed a small squirrel eating nuts. She was climbing a tree. Perhaps she will be my friend thought the peacock. As he went towards the tree, the squirrel ran fast scared by the big bird. “Don’t be afraid, I want to be your friend.” said the peacock.

The squirrel turned back and slowly came near him. So from that day both became friends. They met every day near the riverside to play. The squirrel was a happy soul and strangely observed the sad peacock. However, she did not probe.

One day, the peacock confided about his sadness. He felt he was good for nothing. The squirrel became thoughtful. “But there must be something you are good at?” “I am not good at anything and look huge and dull.” “Let me think for a day,” said the squirrel.

Next day the peacock met the squirrel. “Hello! Can you tell me what I am good at?” “Hey you had promised!” Squirrel went on climbing the tree. Sadly, he went towards the river bank thinking he had lost his only friend due to his own stupidity.

Suddenly, the sky became very dark and cool breeze started blowing. The peacock found his spirits soaring. Clouds and rains always made him joyous. Cheerfully, he decided to enjoy the weather.

Happiness put a spring in his feet as he started dancing. Rain and thunder followed. The drenched peacock danced passionately unaware of the surroundings. Birds and animals watched his dance. Much time had lapsed when the rain stopped. The peacock stood still, embarrassed at being the focus of attention.

“Well done my friend!” the squirrel clapped. “You dance very gracefully. I wanted you to find it out on your own. Doing something you enjoy will make you happy.” They clapped for the peacock who shyly basked in the attention as everyone appreciated him.

That moment the Banyan tree urgently summoned the squirrel. Whispers floated over the wind. The peacock slowly turned to go back. Strange sensations enveloped his body. To his surprise, he noticed his wing darkening. His feathers looked stunning as he transformed into a handsome bird. The colours he had always admired belonged to him.

Old Banyan had requested the grass, flowers and wood to lend colours to this majestic bird. Rain always makes him remember that day when he received the gift of colours. He dances feeling grateful remembering all his friends, especially the squirrel who shared the secret of happiness.

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