It’s Night-Night Time

“It’s night-night time,”  Said Mama Bear As her little cub yawned, then smiled.  “Hop upon Mama’s lap. I’ll read to you a while.”

“It’s night-night time,”  Said Mama Cat As she drew her kittens near. “The wind is picking up a bit. The rain, we soon will hear.”

“It’s night-night time,” Said Mama Raccoon As her little one climbed a tree. “The stars are shining up above. Come, nuzzle close to me.”

“It’s night-night time,”  Said Mama Cow As her little calf loudly mooed. “Let’s rest in our bed of hay, Then I’ll tell a story to you.”

“It’s night-night time,” Said Mama Mouse As she gave her babies cheese.  She sweetly kissed them on their heads, Then each one asked, “More, please?”

“It’s night-night time,” Said Mama Horse As her little foal softly neighed. “Snuggle close, and bow your head. Our nighttime prayers, we’ll say.”

“It’s night-night time,” Said Mama Bird As her babies started to cry. “Now hush, my birdies, And I will sing A soothing lullaby.”

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