Popo the seed


I am Popo, the seed. I live in a box. The box belongs to my friend, Neil, who is five years old.

Bobo, my father, is a big tree in the garden. We talk everyday. Dad said that one day I will grow into a big tree, just like him. He must be kidding; I am just a little seed!

Can you imagine that? How can a small seed like me grow into a big tree?

One morning in Spring, my friend, Neil dug up a small hole in the ground next to my father, Bobo. And as I watched, he put me in there and covered me in the soil.


He poured some water on me with a sprinkler. These humans can be weird sometimes! It was so hot and horrible in the garden. Neil came to see me but he DID NOT take me out, instead poured some more water and left me in the soil.

Dad said I have to eat well. He said that all I need is soil, water and sun to grow. Well, now I know something new about my food and myself!


I started getting used to be in the garden. It was nice and warm in the soil. But then one day, something weird and funny happened. A small sprout popped out of my tummy.

Two days passed by, I started shrinking, but the sprout started growing big. What was happening to me?


A couple of days passed by and I was not a seed anymore. I was a small plant with four leaves, a stem and some roots!

My father looked at me and gave me a warm smile. He then asked, “Popo, do you now believe that you can be a big tree?” I kind of started believing him, but I was not so sure. YES! May be! Not really!


Neil would come by and water me regularly. Days turned into weeks, weeks into months and months into years. I grew many branches and more leaves on each branch. And one day I stood in the garden- tall and proud- a big tree, just like my father.

Neil came to visit me one day. He was so happy to see the result of his caring efforts over the years.

A small seed to a big tree. Oh! What a journey it has been. Here I am, Popo, the tree!

Neil has grown up too. He is a young man now.

Bobo my father, Neil my friend and I celebrated the big day together.

Read along to know how to grow a tiny seed into a BIG tree.


1. Ask your Mom to give you a seed.  2. Dig up a little hole in your garden.  3. Put the seed in the hole.  4. Cover it with soil.  5. Pour some water everyday with a sprinkler– not too much, not too little.  6. Sing to your seed everyday: ‘Seed Seed, grow fast, as big as a mast!’  7. Watch it grow into a small plant, then a small tree and finally into a tall and proud tree. If you do not have a garden at home, then you can sow the seed in your school or in a park near your house.

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