Angry Shiny Squirrel

Shiny squirrel is very annoyed with Tiny, her younger sister. Tiny squirrel jumped around and made noises and did not let Shiny squirrel finish her homework. This made Shiny squirrel angry. She shouted and screamed at Tiny squirrel. She told her to stop being noisy. But Tiny squirrel did not listen to Shiny squirrel. Instead she became noisier.

Shiny squirrel was mad with anger. She punched Tiny squirrel hard. She hit her on the face.

Tiny squirrel was hurt. She got bruises on her face. She howled with pain. Mummy squirrel, who was ironing the clothes, heard the howling of Tiny squirrel.

She rushed to her. She found Tiny squirrel in pain. Her face was black and blue.  Shiny squirrel told Mummy squirrel that she was very angry with Tiny as she would not stop making noises when she wanted to do the homework. So she had hit Tiny.

On hearing this, Mummy squirrel said, “I can see how angry you are with your sister for her annoying actions. But you should let her know your feelings in words and not with punches and blows. First you try to calm down. You could quietly count one to ten or think of something that makes you feel better.

Then tell Shiny also to calm down and stop doing wrong things. If she doesn’t listen to you and persists in her annoying behaviour, tell her sternly that you will not take her out to play in the park. Always remember, hitting others is wrong and should never be done.”

Shiny squirrel was still upset and annoyed. Mummy squirrel stroked her paws gently and said, “We all do get angry sometime or the other and we should know how to overcome anger without coming to blows.”

“But Mummy, when you are angry, you do like to hit and punch,” said Shiny squirrel with her nostrils flaring up with anger. Mummy squirrel looked fondly at Shiny squirrel and explained, “Shiny, you can punch a pillow or kick a ball outside in the playground to overcome your anger.”

Shiny squirrel thought for a while. She was very fond of drawing and painting and reading also.  She said, “Mummy, I can even make a drawing to show how angry I am or can read my favourite story book to get over my angry feelings.”

Mummy squirrel patted her and nodded her head in agreement.  She said, “Sure, Shiny, you can do any activity that helps you feel better and overcome your anger.”

Shiny squirrel was now feeling better. She added smilingly, “Mom, I can even go for a run or come to you for a tight hug. This will really make me feel better.”  Mummy squirrel hugged her tightly and said, “Feeling better now?” “Yeah, Mom,” said Shiny squirrel.

Tiny squirrel was listening quietly. By now her bruise was not hurting much. But she was feeling upset over her wrong behaviour which had made her sister angry.  She was feeling sad as she loved her sister very much.

Mummy squirrel made her sit in her lap and told her, “Tiny, annoying others or behaving in a manner that makes others angry will put you in trouble.  People at home would feel upset and bad for your annoying actions.

Friends would not like to play with you, if you make them angry. Remember, people do not like us when we trouble them or make them angry.”  Tiny squirrel started sobbing. She said, “Mom, please help me to make up with Shiny sister.”

Mummy squirrel kissed her on her nose tip, smiled and said, “Run, go and say sorry to her. And make sure you do not repeat actions that made your sister angry.”

Tiny squirrel said sorry to Shiny squirrel who hugged her.  Mummy squirrel smiled as they both made peace with each other.

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