Our World Without Vegetables


Once upon a time, there lived a brother and a sister named Tim and Jane.

Tim and Jane loved singing, dancing, playing, jumping, sleeping and everything in this world.

But they did not like VEGETABLES!!! How they wished that their world had no vegetables!

A fairy god mother who was passing by heard their wish. She came to them and granted them their wish.

At last, their world had no VEGETABLES!!! Breakfasts, lunches and dinners were yummy without vegetables!!!

Few days passed by and they started feeling bored and weak.

They could not sing, dance, play, jump, sleep or do anything else.

They did not have energy because they did not eat any vegetables now.

The breakfasts, lunches and dinners were boring without vegetables.

They missed the vegetables on pizzas. They missed spinach and broccoli in the soups.

They missed the potatoes in the chips and french fries.

They missed the carrots, cucumbers and lettuce in salads and sandwiches.

They missed the peas. They missed the beans. They even missed the cauliflower.

They missed it all. They missed their vegetables.

 How they wished their world was full of fresh, green and tasty vegetables again.

Oh! Fairy godmother, please give us back our vegetables.

Fairy godmother explained that vegetables give us energy to sing, dance, play, jump and have fun.

Then she granted them their wish.

The next day, Tim and Jane saw that their fresh, green and tasty vegetables were back!

In their breakfast, lunch and dinner, in their salads, pizzas and chips.

In their soups and pastas, in their wraps, sandwiches and rolls.

Soon Tim and Jane had the energy to sing, dance, play, jump and sleep.

And that is how Tim, Jane and the vegetables lived happily ever after.


Do you know that vegetables make us strong, healthy and happy? Vegetables have minerals, vitamins and fibre in them.  They help our body grow.  They give us energy.  They keep us healthy.  They help us grow clever.  And they help us grow strong.

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