Loveable Rolly Polly

Rolly Polly elephant lived in Groovy Forest. All the animals, big and small, who lived in Groovy Forest loved Rolly Polly elephant. He made every one happy by his good actions.

Once Tommy tiger forgot where he had kept his coat. The coat had green and white stripes on it. Tommy tiger had washed the coat. He had put up the coat on a tree to dry.

Rolly Polly elephant went all over Groovy Forest looking for the coat. He saw it hanging on a tree.  He pulled it down from the tree with his trunk and gave it to Tommy tiger. “Thank you, Rolly. You are very helpful. I am very happy to get my coat,” said Tommy tiger.

Jacky horse was once having a race with Ronny deer. They were both running very fast. Just as Jacky horse was about to reach the goal, one of his shoes slipped off his feet.  He looked for it everywhere, but was not able to find it. Jacky horse not only lost his shoe, but he lost the race also.

After the race, Rolly Polly elephant went to Jacky horse’s house. He gave one of his spare pairs of shoes to Jacky horse. “You are very kind, Rolly. Thanks for the shoes. I am very happy to have them,” said Jacky horse.

Rolly Polly elephant liked Sheru lion’s mane around his neck. He often told him, “Sheru uncle, you have a beautiful mane.” Sheru lion always roared and chuckled with delight whenever Rolly Polly elephant admired his mane.

Roaring and chuckling with delight and fondly touching the mane with his paws, Sheru lion always said, “Rolly, I am happy that you like my mane.”

Mona cow was the oldest animal living in Groovy Forest. She was older than Sheru lion. Mona cow was too old to go out for grazing.  Rolly Polly elephant brought grass and leaves everyday for Mona cow to eat. He also brought her a hot cup of milk every day.

She was never tired of praising Rolly Polly elephant. Every time when he came to her with grass, leaves and a hot cup of milk, she was moved with joy and said, “Rolly, you are a dear. You take care of me by getting me food.”

Rolly Polly elephant was the only animal in Groovy Forest who had a car. He went to the market once a week to buy popcorns, his favourite food.

Zippy zebra and Yoyo giraffe were also getting old. They could not move around much because of their failing eyes.  They were both very fond of popcorns, but could not go to the market to buy popcorns because of their failing eyes.  Whenever Rolly Polly elephant bought popcorns, he shared them with Zippy zebra and Yoyo giraffe.

Tin-Tin Store was the only shop in the market that sold popcorns. That was why there was always a rush of animals to buy popcorns from Tin-Tin Store.  Rolly Polly elephant always stood in the queue waiting for his turn to buy popcorns, unlike some other animals who pushed each other out while standing in the queue waiting to buy popcorns.

Bumby camel who was the owner of the shop always felt happy to see Rolly Polly elephant in his shop.  While giving popcorns to Rolly Polly, he always said, “You are good. You make my job of selling popcorns easy because you wait for your turn. I like you for this.”

One day Mona cow called all the animals, big and small, living in Groovy Forest to her house. She called loudly three times, ‘Moo! Moo! Moo! and said, “Rolly is a caring, thoughtful and helpful guy.  He gives happiness to us all by his good actions. I would be dead if he didn’t get me food every day. He cares for me.” “He shares his popcorns with us,” added Zippy zebra and Yoyo giraffe.

Sheru lion touching his mane fondly with his paws said, “Rolly is a dear. He appreciates my mane and makes me feel good.”  “He is helpful. He found my coat”, added Tommy tiger.

Jacky horse neighed loudly and said, “I like Rolly because he gave me a pair of shoes.  He is very generous.”

Bumpy camel added, “Rolly is considerate. He waits for his turn to buy popcorns from me. I like him very much.”

Zippy zebra and Yoyo giraffe said enthusiastically, “Mona aunty and Sheru uncle, why don’t we all give him a gift to tell him that he makes us all happy and we adore him for that.”  “Oh! that’s a wonderful idea,” agreed all the animals happily.

They all made a necklace of blue beads which had a golden bell as a pendant for Rolly Polly elephant. Rolly Polly was very happy to get the gift.

He wore the necklace around his neck all the time. Whenever he moved, the bell made a tinkling sound. He loved the tinkling sound.  It reminded him of the love that all the animals, big and small, living in Groovy Forest felt for him.

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