Share And Be A Dear

Every evening, Nancy bear’s friends come to her house to play. They play with her toys and have fun.

Dinky goat loves to play with puzzles.

Minky snake loves to play with the toy trumpet, while Pinky elephant enjoys playing carom with Nikky cat.

Nancy bear sometimes joins Dinky goat and both solve the puzzles together.

Other times she plays carom with Pinky elephant and Nikky cat. They all have fun playing together.

Nancy bear’s friends bring something or the other for her when they come to her house.

At times Nikky cat brings a piece of cake which her mother has baked.

Sometimes Minky snake brings a story book for Nancy bear to read.

Pinky elephant and Dinky goat share half the chocolate with Nancy bear whenever their parents bring one for them.

Nancy bear’s friends love her very much and say, “You are our best friend. You share your toys with us and make us happy.”

On hearing this, Nancy bear jumps and claps with joy. She says, “You all also share your things with me.  You all are my best friends.” And then she wags her tail and adds smilingly, “Share and be a dear.”

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