Best Friends

Hoppy Hop rabbit and Dotty Dot butterfly were good friends. They lived in the same garden.

They went to the same school to study. They did lots and lots of things together. They liked doing things together.

After the school was over, Hoppy Hop rabbit and Dotty Dot butterfly sat under the shade of a tree. They sat together and did their homework. They helped each other in doing sums.

In the evening, they played together. Some times they played hide-and-seek and other times, hopscotch.  At other times, they played with their toys. They shared their toys with each other.

What they liked to do most was to ride a bicycle. They took turns with the bicycle.

One evening after the play, they were sitting together and talking.  Hoppy Hop rabbit said, “Dotty, you have very colourful wings.”

Dotty Dot butterfly said, “Hoppy, you have very soft fur.” “You know Dotty, we look different from each other. But, we are good friends,” said Hoppy Hop rabbit.

Dotty Dot butterfly said, “Hoppy, you love to eat leaves. I like to suck honey. We like different foods. But, we are good friends.”

“You know Dotty, you read so well, while I can’t,” said Hoppy Hop rabbit. “I know, I know. But then don’t forget that I can’t sing as well as you can,” Dotty Dot butterfly reminded Hoppy Hop rabbit.

They both laughed and said, “We know we are good at different things, but still we are good friends.”  Dotty Dot butterfly held Hoppy Hop rabbit’s paws and said “Oh, Hoppy, you are my best friend. Whenever I am sad, you make me laugh by telling me jokes. You also help me in doing my homework. Yes, you are my best friend.”

“You, too, are my best friend. You share your sweet honey with me. Whenever I am unwell, you sit by my side and tell me stories.”

“I love to play with you,” said Hoppy Hop rabbit to Dotty Dot butterfly.

They both looked at each other and said together, “We will share our things and help each other.  We will always be good friends and play together.”

Then they both smiled and hugged each other.

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