Happy Garden

Once there was a garden. It was called Happy Garden. There were many flowers in Happy Garden. These flowers were playful.  They liked to make merry and have fun. They were good friends with each other.

They were friends with the wind too. Whenever the wind blew over the garden, it tapped their petals playfully and said “Hello!” to them. The playful touch of the wind always excited them.  They moved to and fro chasing the wind. They felt delighted every time when they were able to touch the wind. They beamed with happiness. Twisting and twirling, they moved their stems merrily.

Feeling enchanted, they would say, “O-o-o! Your touch is so cool! So good! So refreshing!”  The praise would cheer up the wind. Overjoyed, she would blow more vigorously and zestfully.

“Oh! You lovely flowers, sure know how to make me happy,” saying this she would again touch the petals gently and playfully and blow away.

All the birds also loved to stop over every evening at Happy Garden to rest for a while. They would get over their fatigue by looking at the blooming colorful flowers.  Before flying homewards they would play with the flowers. They would also tell them each day about the different exotic and strange places they flew over.

The flowers keenly waited for the birds to arrive. They loved to play with them. They also loved to listen to the tales about the different places the birds visited everyday.  While bidding goodbye to the friends, the flowers would say, “Wow! How good you are at describing about the new places to us every day. We wish we too could come with you. But you know, we can’t, as we don’t have wings like you. Do come tomorrow.”

Feeling pleased with the compliment the birds would say, “Oh! You lovely flowers, sure know how to win us over. We will love to come tomorrow with more interesting tales.”  And then cooing and hooting with joy and twittering and chattering with happiness, the birds would fly away flapping their wings.

Coming to Happy Garden was a very pleasant experience for the butterflies too. Every evening after finishing their home-work, they would reach Happy Garden. On seeing them the flowers felt happy.  They greeted them by appreciating their colourful wings. Feeling ecstatic the butterflies would say, “You sure are our best friends. You make us happy by saying good things about our wings.”

Then they would hug their flower friends and sit in their laps. The flowers would tell them the bewitching tales of far off lands as told to them by the birds.  Before saying goodbye to the flowers, they played ‘hide and seek’ with them.

When the flowers were not playing with the wind, birds or butterflies, they played with each other. They played together at swings, see-saws and slides.

They also played at jungle gym and merry-go-round. Sometimes they played hopscotch also.

One day Rose flower said, “Let us play the game ‘Whisper’.” Feeling puzzled, Sunflower asked, “Whisper! How do we play this game?” Lily flower said, “First, we all sit in a circle. Then each one whispers into the ears of the flower sitting next.”  “This seems to be a new game. We have never played it before. I always like to play new, new games,” said Daisy flower feeling enthusiastic about the game. “But what do we whisper?” asked Sunflower.

Lily flower went closer to Sunflower and said, “Let me help you to understand this game.”  He then asked him, “Do you remember what we say to the wind when it touches our petals playfully?”

Before Sunflower could answer, Dahlia flower replied quickly, “We tell her that her touch is cool and good. We feel refreshed.” “What does she say then?” asked Lily flower again.  Remembering the cool touch of the wind, Daisy flower answered promptly, She says your praise makes me happy. Saying this she blows away with more gusto.

Sunflower was still looking confused. Dahlia flower explained, seeing a puzzled look on his face, “Sunny, it is simple.  Every one feels happy when we praise them. This is what the game ‘Whisper’ is all about. You tell to the flower sitting next to you about the things he is good at.”

Daisy flower chuckled with delight, “Wow! Fun way to know what I am good at.” Sunflower also grinned now and swayed his stem merrily.  He clapped and said with a smile, “Daisy you are right. Playing ‘Whisper’ will be a great fun.”

“Remember to speak very softly in a low voice,” added Rose flower. Dahlia flower nodded at Rose flower’s remark.  Smilingly he said, “Now I know why the game is called ‘Whisper’.” “Come, hurry, let us start the game and have fun,” added Dahlia flower enthusiastically.

 All the flowers sat down in a circle. They whispered nice things to each other. They all felt happy after the game.  They realised that saying nice things to each other strengthens the friendship. And so, they decided to play the game ‘Whisper’ every day.

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