Goody Goody Animals

Once there was a school for animals and birds who lived in Min-Min town. It was called ‘Hip Hip Hurrah School.’ All the animals and the birds, big and small of Min-Min town went to Hip Hip Hurrah School to study and to play.

One day, Miss Pussy, their Teacher said, “Come on, children, tell me what you are good at.”

Bingo monkey was the first one to answer. He wagged his long tail up and down and said joyfully, “Ma’am, I am good at jumping and swinging from the branches of the trees.” Ronny squirrel also wagged her long tail up and down with excitement. She twirled once; and she twirled again. Then she added excitedly, “Ma’am, I too am good at running up and down the trees.”

Squeaky mouse jumped down from his chair. He ran quickly with a lightning speed from one corner of the room to the other. Beaming with happiness, he touched his whiskers and said, “See, how fast I can run.” Silky rabbit was standing close to his painting easel. He had stopped painting the picture he had drawn. Holding his paint brush, he was listening to his classmates. He added eagerly, “Squeaky like you, I too am good at running. But I paint better.”

Dotty goat was sitting quietly and also listening to her classmates. She shook her head zestfully and shaking her horns said, “Ma’am, my Mom says I am good at taking care of my things. I always keep my toys back after play.” Mini sparrow chirped happily and added, “You know Ma’am, my Granny praises me for observing good manners.”

“I can swim very well,” said Bin Bin, the fish, flapping her fins. Then she added, “Ma’am, I got first prize last year in a swimming competition.”  Blacky crow kept his book upside down on the desk. He then flapped his wings with gusto, and said, “I am good at flying.”

Beeru peacock leapt out of the rows of desks and chairs. He stood in the middle of the room. He spread out his beautiful plumage and started dancing. Beaming with delight he added, “See how beautifully I dance.”

Blue Bell mynah hopped and chirped,” Beeru, you dance very well and I sing very well.” Before Miss Pussy could tell Blue Bell mynah to sing a song, she heard a sobbing sound. “Who is crying?” she wondered.

It was Nona bear who was sobbing and crying. Big-big tears were rolling down her cheeks. “Nona dear, why are you crying?” asked Miss Pussy. Nona bear said sobbing,” I am good at nothing.” Miss pussy said, “Nona, like Beeru you too dance very well. I like your dance.” “We too like her dance,” said all the animals and the birds together.

When Nona bear heard this, her face lit up with a smile. She started dancing, while all the animals and the birds sang along with Blue Bell mynah the “Hurrah! Hurrah!” song.

Miss Pussy was delighted at this. Miss Pussy clapped for all of them. She said, “You are all good at one thing or the other.”

This made all the animals and the birds happy.

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