Once There Was a Monster

Once there was a monster, a monster big and blue. A creepy kind of monster, scary through and through. His hair was spiked and yellow, his teeth lemony slime. His eyes were big and bloodshot, his nails were filled with grime.

His ears were long, and wiggly, and flopped beneath his chin. He only had one nostril and warts upon his skin. His shadow on the ceiling seemed like an old oak tree, With arms that looked like branches, all reaching out for me.

I’d see him in my closet scrunched between the clothes. I’d see him in the bathroom, powdering his nose.

I’d hear him on the stairs when I was tucked in bed. Every creak on every step filled my heart with dread.

He’d push the door half open and slink into my room. He’d point at me and cackle, while riding on a broom.

I’d hear him in my toy box, hissing like a snake, Slithering among my toys and keeping me awake.

From underneath my bed, he’d scratch and scrape and squeak, Hoping I would lift the spread, and quickly take a peek.

And when I should be sleeping, I’d lay awake instead. ‘Cause if I fell asleep, he’d paint my toe nails red.

He’d bring in creepy crawlies from underneath the house— Like snakes and worms and spiders, and often times, a mouse.

Turning on my flashlight, didn’t scare him— not a chance. I’d shine it in his face, and he’d begin to dance.

He’d do the monster stomp, and then the boogaloo, the twist, the mashed potato, and the boogie-woogie too.

Then one night a storm blew in. Thunder roared outside. The dark lit up with lightning, and the monster tried to hide.

He jumped into the closet and knocked down all the clothes. Tripping over hangers, he fell and hurt his nose.

He crawled into my toy box and pulled himself inside. He found out very quickly, it was not a place to hide.

Another crack of thunder rattled all the toys. The monster cried in fear, shaken by the noise. He crept out of the toy box, and slipped under the bed. Boom! Boom! went the thunder. And he jumped and hit his head.

Icy pebbles rocked the house, making the monster freeze. Then he started shaking from his head down to his knees.

The monster stood before me just about ready to bawl. And I thought to myself— he wasn’t scary at all. So I said to the monster, the monster big and blue, “It’s okay. Don’t be afraid. I’ll tell you what to do.

Come jump under the covers, it’s the safest place to be. We’ll ride out the storm together. We’ll be friends, you and me.” Underneath the covers we stayed, my monster and me. Don’t know when the storm passed by, ‘cause we slept peacefully. Once there was a monster, a monster big and blue, a gentle kindly monster, a friend of mine— who knew?

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