The Missing Letter S

The Letter S lived in the Land of Words. He was a photographer, and he loved taking pictures. But he was always missing when the other letters needed him. He didn’t show up for his own birthday party. He missed a dinner at the Letter A’s house.

He was supposed to play on a woozoo team, but he missed the game. His team lost by a lot because they had fewer players than the other team.

One day the mayor, the Letter J, came by and told him that he needed a photographer. He hired the Letter S to take pictures of a big festival the next day. “You can’t miss it,” said the Letter J. “I promise, I won’t miss it,” said the Letter S.

The next day the Letter S forgot about the festival. He went fishing on the lake instead of taking pictures like he was supposed to. The festival went on and was a wonderful time for all the other letters. The Letter J was very upset that his photographer didn’t show up. He went to see the Letter S that night.

“Where were you?” asked the Letter J. “I’m sorry,” said the Letter S, “I forgot.” “You promised me pictures, and I’m going to get my pictures!”

So he made the Letter S pose for pictures of the best parts of the festival that he had missed. At the festival, the clown had gotten hit in the face with a pie. The Letter S had to dress up like a clown and get hit in the face with a pie while the Letter J took a picture. At the festival, a plane had flown overhead and drawn a picture of a smiley face in the sky. The Letter S had to fly up and draw a smiley face. It wasn’t as perfect as the day before, but the Letter J took a picture anyway.

At the festival, a crowd of letters had gathered for a puppet show. The Letter S had to go to every letter’s house and ask them to come back for another puppet show. He also had to put the puppet show on by himself. One by one, the Letter J got all the pictures that he was promised. The Letter S was exhausted by the end of the day. He learned his lesson, and he never forgot a promise again. From that day on, when the Letter S said he would be somewhere, he always showed up on time. In the Land of Words, your word is important.

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