Santa Lost His Shoe


Snow was all over, As it was christmas eve. Kids were so excited, To grab their gifts and see..

Kept waiting for santa, But he didn’t come. Looked like he had some work, That needed to be done. After much wait, A child said let’s call his dad, And ask if santa has left, As the kids were now feeling sad.

What a brilliant idea, Everyone thought. Picked up the phone,  But the number they forgot.  Searched and searched, Till they found the number. But the answer They got at Santa’s house,  Made them sweat In the month of December.

Santa had lost his shoe, So he couldn’t leave. The excuse they got, None of them could believe. The santa who gifts everyone, Could also lose a shoe! And even If he did, Why not buy a new?

At last after much wait, When Santa came to give the toys, He was wearing just one red shoe, While the other was…. Oh My..!! It was a red pillow, Wrapped around his foot in layer. We all laughed out loud, And gifted him a new pair.

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