Messy Days – Diary of Henry Tan

English Diary During Social Studies, Mr. Liu brings in an insecticide to remove the ants which is at the back of the classroom. And surprisingly the amount of ants gradugately reduced.  Mrs. Boh is now talking about the past and present Singapore leaders, talking about the leaders information and their responsibilities.

Now is raining, So I predict today we are not going to sea for sailing. If I was right, It will be a whole lot comfortable at the SAF.

Mdm Leong is now in stress, as she said- One day I will explode and kick you out of the class if you stay lazy!  Lots of noises came out from my class, because of those ‘hanker uncles and aunties’ And yet somebody is spreading nonsensical comments when Mdm Leong is talking, including. Fred and Gordon At 12.30 p.m my class will go to the computer lab for KT lesson. Looks like some people may forget to bring thumbdrive, including me.

Now ‘Gregory’ already have his own ‘diary’ where he names it.  Still some people is continuing their nonsense, but it was still ‘Gordon’ and ‘Fred’ My class has this bad habit (not me) of jeering and calling ‘oh…….’ to others when one of my classmates fell off from their chair or they fail their examination or something.

Also , Chris has this bad habit of just parroting what I say and also saying the opposite words like- Chris Henry

Mostly, I gave Chris , warnings first, then he copy what I say. And this tells me that Chris is the THIRD annoying person I ever seen. But the thing that really ticks me off is Chris is always been defended by the unreasonable people like Jane, Jolliei and Stephanie These girls, I don’t really know what they are up to these days. Nowadays, when they did something wrong, they pull out an lame excuse where most boys did not know how to use it like- These girls mostly act cute, when together with a series of excuses they use, it’s a whole lot more powerful than us boys explanation, and that’s game over to the boys as the teachers will turn to us and chew us out.

Now , before my CCA ( assembly at the concourse’s entrance stairs ), there are something has happened. First of all, oops I wrote too easily. OK, Chris spreads all my rumors, especially Johnny. Then, John make fun of me by saying- DEAR DUMB DIARY!

But John Fennes says this is entirely a joke, but I do not believe what he said. This thing makes me want to cut John Fennes head off, because of his ‘speech’ bullying to me So I told myself when I ever see John Fennes think he is a jerk and ignore him.

During my CCA, I accidentely knocked my head towards my boat’s metal pole. And that’s a little painful, not that much. Actually that hurts a lot.

But after a while, It doesn’t hurt a lot. I think this school is trying to bombarding me intensively or something. But, Ismail told me the only way to defect this thing is to know surtent bad words, but for me, I shouldn’t use bad words, otherwise my form teacher will chew me out. (my form teacher is Mr Liu) But when I was drawing Mr Liu, there are something I need to take note of: 1) Don’t draw Mr. Liu’s head like a big ball (at the region where Mr Liu’s hairs is) 2) Draw as nice as possible. Actually, Mr Liu’s hair is almost completely bald, but I don’t know how to draw his hair, so I should shade his head lightly as his ‘hair’.

This book is meant as my LAST diary, so I should write my day entry as short as possible. Today, I’m going to follow Mom to City Hall to meet her friend to have tea, have a talk and have a shopping spree (going out at around 11.00 am) First of all, my breakfast is the Chicken Rice (at Lakeside MRT station) Lakeside MRT station is not too far away, and it is close to my house. But right before I and Mom went for breakfast, I went for an haircut. After my haircut, I went home to take a shower, then I and Mom headed out to Lakeside for breakfast. After eating, Me and Mom went into Lakeside MRT station for boarding the train to City Hall. Mom’s friend said Mom is going to meet her at Suntec city, and by the time we reach Suntec city, me and Mom will wait for her friend for a while.

After a while, Mom’s friend finally arrived. And then Mom’s friend bring Mom to her mini- store, and she tells Mom to write down the number of painting (according to their sizes) she needed for sale. I was feeling bored and I felt I was there for or 2 hours. But when Mom finished her job, we headed to Burger King for Lunch. Then guess waht? Me and Mom went to the toilet halfway and saw the male and female’s toilet were SEPARATED.

And that tells me that Suntec city has a habit of just seperate the male and female toilets away from each other. After that, me and Mom went to Burger King for lunch. I was eating all the french fries and my chicken burger so fast that Mom is very suprised. After eating, I got a burp that is so LOUD, but suprisingly, no other people were distracted. After eating lunch, at home You gotta believe this, it’s already 4.00 pm. Oh my gosh, this is so quick. But how come me and Mom went to meet Mom’s friend, about 1- 2 hours, and ended u going back home at 4.00pm even though me and Mom went out at 11.00 am? this is strange.

Anger -> 0% Boring -> 2% Happiness -> 100% Tired -> 50% Sadness -> 0% Jealous -> 0%  Total -> 152% Status: Excellent

1. Ivan Chui  2. Edwin Kwong Yin Chung Best Rated ones  1. (pen- pal, best and mast closet friend) 2. Brenton Teo Hua Tong (er.. Mom calls him ‘pail’ or ‘toilet bowl’) (Neighbour, 2nd closet friend)  3. Azel Chan Jing Kai & Jordan Ng Y.C & Owen (1 st) (School mate, 3rd closet friend)

Best rated teachers  1) Mr. Reymond Lin, Mdm Normah (Leongmah) & Mdm Leong, and Miss Tan Wee Peng, Mdm Jia Bin VOTE Henry (I BEST RATE THESE TEACHER! FIVE)

Best rated disipline masters, ex- vice principal & principal  1) Miss Serene Chew, Miss Geetha Doraisamy, Mr Soh VOTE Henry- Miss Chew is a genius and a problem- solving woman, while Miss Geetha, she is the first judge to review my book! Mr Soh left Shuqun to HK, and I’m…… SAD!!

Tuesday, 1st October 2013 Speaking of classmates, Trista and Jane, the born tattletales who always tell on me, while today, they sold me out. But Mom didn’t seem to be mad at me. This is strange. The tow of them even told Mom to tell them HER phone number, considering that they are ‘TheTattletale Queens’ and ‘Secret Revealers’.

I got my English Oral and MissDiana gave me ALL ‘perfects’ in my oral examination. Speaking of teachers, Miss Tang ( Wee Peng) was mad at me & Kyrene.  But Kyrene was more depressed than ME. Because Miss Tan FORCED Kyrene to take off her councillor badge ad she is not a councillor anymore.

Wednesday  It’s the most surprising thing you ever had. Mr. Liu gave me and others a present, where the cartoon theme is “Angry Birds”. It is basically a ruler, a pen, a mechanical pencil and a notebook. Then during recess, Mr. Liu told us that that’s a CHILDREN’S DAY gift and he sat wit me and the others, shaing things left and right. After school, it’s CHINESE ORAL. I’m pretty nervous when I was bring examined by a teacher I know, because I wasn’t prepared yet.

Thursday Today is Children’s Day. And there’s lots of gimmical thing happened. First of all, Mdm Leong gave us our presents, but it’s basically a ruler, a tibits. The ruler theme is Despicable Me.

Then during recess, All P3- P6 students were all squeezed together. At the same time, a teacher-service buffet is there.

This recess is different from the previous. This is a 1 hour recess, not 30 min. And I borrowed Sam’s Wimpy Kid, The Third Wheel book. Actually, I did not go for the games displayed. Instead, I sat on a chair, reading The Third Wheel. After that, immediately, we went to the school hall. Right here, I was selected by Mrs.SEAH to perform with the P4 students and MY classmate Chris.

Then, a show made by Miss Nava and another women teacher followed by a boy. They pretended (two teachers including Miss Nava) that they don’t really KNOW about 2013, and claimed that they came form year 1980s. Ten this performance, ticked both me and all the students ranging from P3-P6. It began and Mr. Liu is sitting right in the middle.

But before that, it is seen that Mdm LEONG walked past the stage, holding a sign with ’1960’.

Then, a dries of songs ranging from 1960 all the way to 2013 (skipped 2001- 2012!). And, the teachers also seemed to dance as well. Before Mr. Liu dances, he put on a sunglass and started dancing funny stunts and action.

Saturday, 5th Oct 2013. Today is a busy day, as me, Mom and Dad were totally ACTIVE. That means, Me, Mom and Dad DID NOT even take a nap. Besides, Mom is going to receive 250 paintings, from her friend, from 2pm -> 4pm. But till now (3.55pm), we are busy by arranging art paintings and it is been jotted down onto Mom’s notebook. Today, I’m going to Aunt’s for a haircut. And, STILL her dog always barking at me.

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